Why Us?

  • Best Prices

    Based in Bury, Manchester artificial grass is the largest artificial grass installation company, covering  Lancashire and Cheshire and beyond.

    This means we’re able to offer homeowners the best artificial grasses at the best prices at more locations than any other distributor – and with the best customer service in the country.

    How do we do it? It’s simple really. We buy in bulk, have low overhead, and keep a massive in-stock inventory so that you – our customers – end up with exceptional savings without having to sacrifice convenience or customer service.

  • Highest Quality

    We offer our customers a wide range of affordable, premium-quality artificial grasses suited for every need. Manchester artificial grass  uses the newest and best technologies available for enhanced memory, look and feel.

  • Superior Customer Service
    Our knowledgeable team members and individual store managers are well-versed in our products, the technology involved in the production of artificial grass, and the best practices for successful installation.

    Manchester artificial grass’ friendly and helpful team members are always available to answer your questions and offer advice. In addition, we can put you in touch with one of our professionally-trained and certified landscape contractors.

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